Sunday, October 17, 2010

la la la

Hi. It's fall here. i saw a black squirrel

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

oh, it's been a while...

Hi everybody!

Miss you all. I have been working a lot. Kids are both in school and doing well. We had our first visitors, Strawberry and JJ Candy. We had fun grilling out like the good ol days. I was in the Daily Herald last Friday for being awesome! LOL! I can't remember if I have anything cool going on soon. My brain is like mushy moo poo...Anyway for your visual enjoyment, here are some peeksures...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Chi Town, Fireworks and a New House

Hi guys...sorry its been so long. I try and save these blog post for actual events, luckily I have a few now. I have been working some hours at the salon, not sure if it's a good fit for me. On a lighter note though we have started working on our new residence and finally it looks like it is coming together. The owners of the house have not moved out from the first floor, so there is no telling how much work we will have to do to it, but the second floor was a nightmare. Fortunately we managed to get half off of the first months rent if we did the work ourselves, which is nice because we can basically do whatever we want. So, these photos are of Barringtons' Fourth of July parade and fireworks show, and of our new place. I hope this will tempt most of you into coming here for a visit.

Monday, June 21, 2010

In love with Chi town

This weekend was awesome, Saturday John and I took the bike to the city for a Mods vs. Rockers bike show. It was so much fun. After wards we went to the Taste of Randolf St festival. Saw Lucero, amazing band, ate some yummy food, drank some beers had a blast. Yesterday went to see friends, made Taco Salad for the fam for Fathers Day. Got some sleep. All is well. Really hoping our house will be ready for us soon. I'm getting tired of not being able to find anything. Oh well, could be worse. Finished my first week of work, had a moment, but worked through it. I left there Friday feeling accomplished, confident, and empowered! Yay me! Miss you peeps.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm tired

Enough said? Started work at the new salon yesterday. So much to learn head is exploding. Worked 11 hours yesterday 6 today and 13 tomorrow. I do believe this is going to be a good one though. The salon that is. I was worried the other girls wouldn't take to me quickly, but so far so good. They are all super nice and helpful, and the gal in charge of the front desk is a rock star. Anyway, kids are good...they will be going with my friend Chris and his daughter Tatum tomorrow to the pool and playtime while I hit the grind. Now, I must be off. Have to find floaties and my damn slouchy boots! Miss you ALL!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

mosquitoes, dates, and good times

I forgot how incredibly annoying mosquitoes were living in the desert for so long. I suspect i might have passed on the allergy to poor Lily. They just adore her, even with bug repellent and long clothes on, they still seem to nibble her.
Friday night john and I had our first date night, we ate at the Lucky Monk. I got a N'Awllins Chicken Sandwich and a Blue Moon for my homey JJ. I must admit spicy food is just to die for, well...maybe death isn't an option, but I really like spicy a lot! Then went and saw Get Him To The Greek. I thought it would be consistently funnier than it was, but it was pretty funny. I almost peed my pants at one point. All in all it was a great date night.
Lastly, I have been here for 2 weeks and I am already turning into a good Midwest Mama! I have never spent so much time at home with the kids before and I keep trying to come up with ideas of what we should do to keep busy. So, Sunday John and I looked and looked for things to do with them that was an indoor activity since it was pouring outside. I found a great website with arts and craft ideas, we went to Micheal's and got glitter paint and T-shirts and the kids, and John made glittery firework shirts. They turned out amazing! I don't know what's going to happen if I stay home any longer. I can't believe I'm doing art projects, I need to get back to work. LOL. Just kidding, it was so much fun! Miss you all!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cruise Night

Last night we attended our very first "Cruise Night". If you dont know what that is, basically the town of Barrington has a night once a week where they come up with a theme and people bring their cars/motorcycles to be parked and oogled...Last nights theme was exotic. Lando has decided he would like to have a yellow Porsche and Lily, well the pictures are the proof of what this girl likes...She has an old soul, so it would only be proper for her to want an old car. I got to ride on the back of the bike, so much fun. I just love motorcycles, I like the wind in your face and the freedom you feel when you are on one. It's almost as if you are soaring, flying through the streets at night like Batman or something. On our way home we took the long way, a little country road with twist and turns. Saw a deer on the side of the street, saw the stars overhead, felt the crispness in the air. It was a moment of "perfect". I will treasure that one in my mental closet. I put a big bow on it so whenever I feel blue I can reach in there, pull that one out, open it up, and remember how I felt for that little moment in time. We started the day off great too, met my friends from Phoenix for lunch at Ponchos Burritos. It was pretty authentic Mexican food. The little girl in the picture is Tatum, Shes the daughter of said friends and is Lily's age. The kids had a blast hanging out and eating their quesidillas...