Monday, July 5, 2010

Chi Town, Fireworks and a New House

Hi guys...sorry its been so long. I try and save these blog post for actual events, luckily I have a few now. I have been working some hours at the salon, not sure if it's a good fit for me. On a lighter note though we have started working on our new residence and finally it looks like it is coming together. The owners of the house have not moved out from the first floor, so there is no telling how much work we will have to do to it, but the second floor was a nightmare. Fortunately we managed to get half off of the first months rent if we did the work ourselves, which is nice because we can basically do whatever we want. So, these photos are of Barringtons' Fourth of July parade and fireworks show, and of our new place. I hope this will tempt most of you into coming here for a visit.