Friday, June 4, 2010

Cruise Night

Last night we attended our very first "Cruise Night". If you dont know what that is, basically the town of Barrington has a night once a week where they come up with a theme and people bring their cars/motorcycles to be parked and oogled...Last nights theme was exotic. Lando has decided he would like to have a yellow Porsche and Lily, well the pictures are the proof of what this girl likes...She has an old soul, so it would only be proper for her to want an old car. I got to ride on the back of the bike, so much fun. I just love motorcycles, I like the wind in your face and the freedom you feel when you are on one. It's almost as if you are soaring, flying through the streets at night like Batman or something. On our way home we took the long way, a little country road with twist and turns. Saw a deer on the side of the street, saw the stars overhead, felt the crispness in the air. It was a moment of "perfect". I will treasure that one in my mental closet. I put a big bow on it so whenever I feel blue I can reach in there, pull that one out, open it up, and remember how I felt for that little moment in time. We started the day off great too, met my friends from Phoenix for lunch at Ponchos Burritos. It was pretty authentic Mexican food. The little girl in the picture is Tatum, Shes the daughter of said friends and is Lily's age. The kids had a blast hanging out and eating their quesidillas...

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