Monday, June 21, 2010

In love with Chi town

This weekend was awesome, Saturday John and I took the bike to the city for a Mods vs. Rockers bike show. It was so much fun. After wards we went to the Taste of Randolf St festival. Saw Lucero, amazing band, ate some yummy food, drank some beers had a blast. Yesterday went to see friends, made Taco Salad for the fam for Fathers Day. Got some sleep. All is well. Really hoping our house will be ready for us soon. I'm getting tired of not being able to find anything. Oh well, could be worse. Finished my first week of work, had a moment, but worked through it. I left there Friday feeling accomplished, confident, and empowered! Yay me! Miss you peeps.


  1. Ahhhh your eating a cupcake, cupcake!!! LOL Glad things worked out with everything!! Love and miss you! Kiss my babies for me, Love you

  2. Well missy I think it is about time for you to return home(AZ)! he he ! Miss you and the kids ! I hope your new salon will love you as much as we do(doubtful.. very doubtful)! Next time you go out drink a beer for me ! Love ya