Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello all! So sorry if you have checked out the blog only to find that there have been no further updates...Lets start with Monday, we got off and on the road at about noon. Everything went quite smoothly, we drove from Phoenix to Flagstaff. Then from Flag to Albuquerque. While in Flag though we stopped off for a bite at Mary's cafe, If you have never been there before, i strongly recommend it, it's super cheap and quite tasty, but cash only. They have these cinnamon rolls that are as big as Lando and they are only 3.75! Amazing!!! Anyway, left there and headed east. Landed in New Mexico and got a room at the Motel 6, since when did Motel 6 get an upgrade? It was really nice for the price. We assumed we had wifi, but made it to the room, turned on the puter and damn no service. Called down and they told us we had to come to the office for the code. We were just too pooped. So hence the no updates. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the Monday adventure. Enjoy! I'll write Tuesday/Wednesday's update tomorrow. With the 2 hour time difference im awake at almost 1. I better go to bed.

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