Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So...John conquered 900 miles of pavement and farmland yesterday. Every time I spoke to him he sounded as peppy as a cheerleader at a national cheer competition... I do believe he might have drank one too many rockstar energy drinks. He did on a good note decide to get a room and sleep in a bed rather than the back of the truck in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma ;) He just sent me a picture of the giant cross in Texas. That thing always scares me, I keep thinking the children of the corn live out in those fields amongst the cross and they are gonna jump out in the road and steal you. Holding you hostage until you conform to the ways of the lord...lol. Looks as though he's got some overcast cloudy traveling ahead of him. He was lucky yesterday, getting to OKC after the big storm that dumped baseball sized hail over town. Clear sky's and warm weather is what he gets to look forward to here. Hopefully this weekend will stay below 100 degrees and we will not melt loading the trailer.

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