Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's officially D day. Tomorrow we will be loading up the truck with all of me and the kids crap. Oh the adventures to be had...Today I managed to work a 9 hour day non stop, go to beautiful Madie's 4th and most amazing birthday party yet, eat pizza and have a beer with my besties Shawna and JJ, go to the hot tub time machine, travel back to 1985, do 2 loads of laundry, get a phone call from the Bizzles ma, find out I already have mail waiting for me in Chicago, learn we got the most awesome house ever and should be moving into it a week after arrival, and got the sweetest card ever from my boyfriend. WOW! What a day indeed! Tomorrow...oil change, blinds, pay bills, load truck, love sac, dresser, pack suitcases, clean apt, drink a J.D with Steph, lol, say see ya soon to a lot of kick ass people and try and get a good nights rest before a 9-10 hour drive on Monday, Sheesh... moving across country is AMAZING! Love you all that pay attention to my chattering... Good night Phoenix

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