Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tues, Weds, Thurs and...

Tuesday we drove through Texas, while driving through we passed a refinery and Lily said, " hey mom! look over's a cloud factory!" Sure enough. Wow what little minds can dream up. I definitely like the idea of a cloud factory much better than the reality. I guess this is a prime example of the old saying stop and smell the roses. Children have such a pure and innocent mind. Anyway, made it through Texas and stopped in Amarillo, at the best BBQ joint, to eat at Rudy's. So yummy :) Left there and headed east to Oklahoma to stay with my longest surviving friend Kim. We go back some 22 years. Man I am getting *cough cough*...Hung out with her and the family. The kids saw their first slug. After minutes of watching it and it going nowhere John shoved it with a stick and guess what?! It was dead. lol. Got an amazing nights sleep, woke up and got ourselves together to go eat at Coney Islander...Best coney's ever! Hit the road around 3pm and made it, barely to the border of Illinois and Missouri. Crossed the dotted line and we found a hotel in our new home state! Write more later, miss you all! hugs and kisses.

P.S. We did get the house, the whole house. so we will have room for all that want to visit :D

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